The little girls waves at the rockstar on stage. What happens next will melt your heart!

During his career which stretches over a few decades, Bruce Springsteen has seen it all. From women throwing underwear on stage to screaming fans who simply can’t control themselves, he’s experienced a lot of things during his concerts. But Springsteen has a soft spot for children, as most people do.
That’s why he couldn’t resist doing nothing when he noticed an adorable little fan waving at him from the front row at one of his concerts. At first, the singer simply acknowledged the little girl by looking in her direction, and that only made the little girl more interested. Seeing how much it all means to the girl, Bruce decided to give her a moment she will never forget and invited her to join him on stage during “Waitin´ on a Sunny Day”.
The little girl was clearly very nervous to be there, but at the same time extremely excited. She managed to surprise everybody with her incredible personality and cuteness. The girl even sang a few words from one of Springsteen’s all-time hits and started to feel more and more comfortable on stage.
Who knows? Maybe she’ll step on Springsteen’s footsteps in a few years.

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