Brilliant mom installs a tiny pink door. Now watch her daughter’s face when she looks inside…

The world of children is full of wonders and magic, and we as parents and adults need to make sure we keep it that way for as long as possible. Nothing can compete with children’s imagination, but adults can sometimes take inspiration from it and turn children’s wonderful ideas into reality.
Inspired by her daughter’s love for everything that has to do with fairies, this mom created a beautiful concept meant to encourage creativity and good behavior. Called the ‘lil Fairy Door, the project involves a colorful miniature doorway that is supposed to allow fairies in and out of the house. The fairies can leave notes for well-behaved children and even rewards. The door can easily be installed on the wall, and kids seem to love this idea.
Parents are constantly struggling to find new ways to keep their children occupied without having to leave them in front of the television or tablet. This invention might offer parents a little help convincing their children to behave well and listen to them when they tell kids to do certain things.
You can find out more about this adorable, little invention by watching the video below.

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