Reporter interviews two parrots. When she asks them to SING? I can’t stop smiling!

If you’re ever in a room with a parrot, make sure you pay attention to what comes out of your mouth. What you see is being recorded. Parrots are amazing at remembering what they hear, at it often leads to hilarious results. Parrots are known for being extremely vocal and being able to mimic all kinds of sounds they hear around the house. They can mimic anything from the sounds of shattered glass to famous songs they hear on the radio.
Parrots are highly entertaining; there’s no way you can get bored while there’s a parrot around. These qualities make them perfect to be on T.V. Hearing there are a couple of talented parrots in the city, a reporter who works for Fox 32 decided to do a unique interview with the parrots. The birds were understandably a bit camera shy at first, but then they managed to relax and showed the reporter what they can do.
The birds sang two beautiful renditions of two songs many of us remember from our childhood years: La Cucaracha and Old MacDonald’s Farm. And to be completely honest, they sounded a lot better than many people I know. Just saying…

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