This Looks Like an Ordinary Roadside Barrier, But How It Works Is Simply Brilliant

Metallic road barriers have become a common sight when driving on main roads. Their goal is to protect drivers by providing a resistance against cars going over the highway. There are many instances where these barriers have proven to be extremely efficient and saved many lives throughout the world. But they do have their limits.
Because they are made of steel and concrete, they can cause severe damage to both passengers and the car when hit at a high speed. A South Korean company named ETI thinks they’ve found a better alternative to metallic barriers to make the roads safer for everyone.
Their innovative design involves using plastic rollers between the metal columns. This is meant to drastically diminish the force of impact while also preventing the car from turning over. You know how a boxer who is sent to the cords in a boxing ring bounces back immediately? It’s pretty much the same basic principle being used by these plastic rollers.
Do you think this is an idea that can potentially save lives, or would it simply take too much time to implement it? Share this demo with your friends and get the conversation started.

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