Ordering an ‘Angel Shot’ At The Bar Is a Lifesaving Trick Every Woman Needs to Know

A huge part of being an empowered woman involves taking control of your life and educate yourself on all the dangers women are unfortunately exposed to nowadays – and on what you can do to overcome them.
As any single lady out there knows, it’s not always easy to stand up for yourself or leave an uncomfortable situation when dating. There are plenty of fish in the sea, that’s true. However, plenty of those fish can be either rude, out of line or downright aggressive.
Until they find their Mr. Right, many women go on a lot of dates, and will have to say No a lot of times. Now, most guys don’t have that much of a problem with being turned down by a woman. But then there are those who just won’t take No for an answer.
Then is when a seemingly simple date can turn into an absolute nightmare. To help women in this situation, a bar in Florida is asking female patrons to order an Angel shot at the bar whenever they feel unsafe or their date is acting in a way they shouldn’t.
A bartender will escort the women to their cars so they can leave the bar without the creepy date following them, and get home safe.


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