Fireman Tells Wife He Delivered a Pregnant Woman’s Baby at Work, But Then Keeps the Newborn

As far as firemen are concerned, seeing the unusual is all part of a day’s work. But what fireman Marc Hadden got to experience was something he could never imagine was even possible.
You see, besides being a fireman, Marc is also a loving father. He and her wife Beth were blessed with two beautiful sons. The couple wanted to further expend their family and welcome a new baby into the family, but after doing some tests, the doctors told them they were unable to conceive another baby.
So Marc and Beth started contemplating adoption, but they decided to leave it all in God’s hands. As it turned out, God has more than one way to bless a family with a child.
One day when Marc was at work, he and his crew responded to an emergency call. A woman was in labor and needed immediate help. When he arrived at the scene, Marc realized there was no time to get the woman to the hospital, so he helped her deliver her baby right there.
Soon after the woman delivered her baby, she put her up for adoption. When Marc got a hold of the news, he knew it wasn’t a coincidence. It was faith.

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