Grandmas try Fireball whisky for the very first time, have a priceless reaction

The gap between generations is a subject that has been talked over time and time again. With the difference of age often comes a difference in opinions, beliefs and even life values. Well, there is no easy solution to help handle the generation gap that might exist between younger people and their parents or grandparents. But if this video is any indication of the truth, alcohol helps.
YouTube channel Obsev released a fun video showing a few charismatic grandmas try Fireball whiskey for the first time ever, and their reactions are priceless. The flavored drink even helped the women loosen up a bit which led to them making some unexpected confessions.
“I will admit, I probably have something to drink every day, because I like a glass of wine. But harder drinks, it’s usually in a party mood, going out to dinner. It’s part of my life, for sure,” said one woman.
Despite their age, these ladies still know how to have fun and seemed to really enjoy the cinnamon-like taste of Fireball whiskey.
What do you say? Would you consider offering a glass of this popular drink to your grandparents, and what do you think their reactions would be?

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