Dad Put Baby Up for Adoption. 24 Years Later, He Learns They’ve Been in The Same Room for Months

Do you believe in faith or just think most things happen by coincidence? Well, it’s hard not to believe it all happens for a reason when you hear about stories like the one shown in the video below.
Two strangers who both volunteered at the same center in Phoenix for months found out they have a whole lot more in a common than just a passion for helping others and giving back to the community. As they were shocked to find out, the two were long-lost daughter and father who haven’t seen each other in over two decades.
And although it might sound like something straight out of a Hollywood movie, their incredible story is 100% real.
You see, Will Russell was in a really bad place in his life when his daughter was born. He was basically a kid himself when her girlfriend back then got pregnant. Also, he was facing a dangerous alcohol addiction. With no stable income and no reliable prospects for the future, the man decided it would be best to put Amy up for adoption.
But 24 years later, their paths in life crossed once again, when they both least expect it. Find out how it was all possible!

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