Never Buy Salt Again to Melt Ice, Use This Simple Mixture Using Common Household Items

If you live in a place where winter comes with dropping temperatures and plenty of snow, then you’ve probably became accustomed with having to buy impressive quantities of salt during this time of year. After all, everybody starting with your neighbors and ending with the local highway department is using salt to melt the ice on the roads and sidewalks.
But is there are alternative to this, one that preferably doesn’t involve you spending your hard-earned money on salt that you are just going to throw on the ground? You’ve guessed it; there is, and it’s equally effective but only requires a few inexpensive household items that you probably already have around the house.
Here’s what you’ll need: ½ gallon of warm water, 6 drops of dish soap, and 2 ounces of rubbing alcohol. All you need to do is mix all these together, preferably in a spray bottle container so that you can easily apply it on the surfaces you want ice-free.
Within moments after applying this substance, the ice will start to melt, turning into a softer slush that won’t make you slip and fall.
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