Steve knows something’s off when man wins 20k on show, breaks down discovering the truth

As the host of popular TV show Family Feud, Steve Harvey gets to meet all kinds of fascinating people with impressive life stories. They each come with their personal struggles and backgrounds. Considering the game’s big prize is 20k, it only makes sense that many of the people applying to be on the show need money to resolve some urgent matters in their lives.
Well, one contestant entered the show to win the grand prize, but the reason he did it left Steve Harvey in tears.
You see, after the man won the big prize for his family, he had a dramatic reaction, one that took Harvey by surprise. The man dropped to his knees and started crying. Puzzled by his reaction, Harvey caught up with his backstage and asked him more about his life story.
Then is when the host of the show finally found out what was really going on. The contestant reveled that he was actually suffering from a terminal illness. Considering his diagnosis, no insurance plan would cover his expenses. So the man needed to win the prize to help his family pay all the medical bills after he was gone so that they wouldn’t be a burden.

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