Man Goes Shopping In Target, Suddenly Busts Out Moves That Have Heads Turning

There’s nothing like dancing to your favorite song, am I right? Even if you’re having a bad day, if your song comes on the radio, you want to stop whatever you’re doing and have a little dance session.
That’s exactly what the young man in the video below decided to do, but his approach was a bit different than what most of us are used to. The man grabbed his iPod and a pair of headphones and went to a large supermarket to showcase his best dancing moves.
With “Footloose” playing in his ear, the young man went all in and did his best to ignore some of the suspicious looks he got from other shoppers in the store who didn’t know what to make of his impromptu performance.
For most of us, dancing in public and pretending like no one is watching is something we would never dare to do, but when you look at how much fun this man is having, it almost seems like something to consider.
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