Man Spots ‘Square Waves’ in Ocean, Investigates and Discovers How Dangerous They Are

Square waves definitely sound like something you could only find within the pages of a Sci-Fi book or a Hollywood movie, but believe it or not, they actually exist in real life. And they are quite dangerous.
These unique display of nature’s strength can be witnessed in a popular tourist destination in France called Isle of Rhe. The small island strip which is just 19 miles long and three miles’ wide is home to a specific set of waves that appear to be shaped like squares across the surface of the ocean.
This is not something permanent, because the square waves only form under certain conditions. The explanation can be found in where the island is located. The small strip of land is in an area where two seas meet. The seas have different weather patterns, and when these weather patterns which create different wave patterns interact for longer periods of time, it leads to the ocean looking like a massive checkboard.
The laws of nature are sometimes complicated, but it’s easy to see why so many tourists flock to France to see these unique waves in person. They are absolutely stunning and a great reminder that nature’s beauty is not something that can be matched.

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