Twins Looks at Each Other Seriously, Then Baby in Pink Makes Move That Leaves Internet’s Heart Melting

Siblings don’t always get along from the start, but that definitely wasn’t the case of the adorable baby twins in the video below. The connection that exists between them is so powerful that they don’t even need words to communicate with one another.
A single look is enough to know exactly what the other one is thinking. Now, there is no way of knowing what exactly they were “talking” about when mom and dad grabbed the camera and started recording them, but by the looks of it, it’s something to laugh about.
My guess is that they were exchanging thoughts about the brand new world they’ve just started discovering. After all, it’s a world that is full of excitement and novelty.
But whatever the truth may be, it’s safe to say that this is just the first of many more conversations they will have as they grow older. They will definitely grow up to be each other’s confidents and a source of ongoing support.
As far as baby videos go, this is about as cute as it gets. So make sure to share this adorable footage with all of your friends and family online! Because who doesn’t love babies, right?

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