Concerned man gives water to thirsty koala, gets the sweetest ‘thank you’ in return

Heat can be an extremely delicate problem for everyone, but since for humans is pretty much easier to tackle it, for the wild animals it can be the toughest nightmare. The high temperatures usually lead to bushfires, so the poor wildlife are nothing but helpless in front of faith. Thankfully, sometimes people intervene and give an extra hand to the struggling animals!

Facebook/ Michele Wall

So when the temperatures hit over 116 degrees, we cannot even imagine how difficult it must have been for the Australian animals. But while some are designed to better handle these extreme temperatures, for the koalas is a burden they can barely cary on. The locals are aware of that, so when Australia faced extreme heat, lost of people stepped in to help the thirsty animals.

Facebook/ Michele Wall

A very beautiful moment was caught on camera when this couple from Adelaide came across a dehydrated koala. The marsupial was in a very poor condition, so the man hurried to offer her some water. But while the husband was taking care of the little koala, the wife recorded the scene on her cellphone, and he captured something extremely adorable.

Facebook/ Michele Wall

After the kind people offered her water, the animal gave them the cutest ‘thank you.’ With a delicate and so adorable gesture, the joey grabbed the hand of the man who actually saved her life. The sweet scene was then shared online by the man’s wife and everyone fell in love with it.

“The incredible moment a koala reached and held my husbands hand, in the middle of the hottest day on record in South Australia,” the video caption reads. “My heart melts …my very own Koala Rescuer!”

You can watch the adorable scene here!

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