Man Ties A Rope To His Shovel, Shows Everyone A Better Way To Remove Snow

If you ask me, snow is one of the best things about winter, because it instantly makes you feel like a child again. Also, it’s always fun to play in the snow with your family and friends, right?
But you know what’s not fun? This: your lower back aching for a week straight because you had to shovel snow for an hour in the morning just to be able to pull out of the driveway to go to work. If this situation sounds familiar to you, then the trick shown in the video below will definitely come in handy.
You see, there is actually a “right” way to shovel snow that won’t require you using your back so much. This method is not only a lot easier and more effective but it’s also a lot safer. So if you want to avoid injury due to shoveling snow this winter, give this simple technique a try.
I’ll give you a hint: the secret is to modify your shovel a certain way so that you can have a correct posture while moving the snow around.
Have any friends who are struggling with shoveling snow as well? Do them a favor and share this tip with them as well.

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