Top 5 BEST JUDGE JUDY Episodes Ever!

At 73, Judy Sheindlins has an estimated fortune of $ 290 million. In 2013, he became the best paid TV star, earning $ 47 million a year. But her success did not come overnight, but only when she was 52.
She was born in Brooklyn on October 21, 1942, and studied law at American University Washington College where she was the only woman among the 126 students. After graduating from the faculty, she worked as a lawyer before becoming a judge in 1982. She developed a reputation for a tough woman and appeared in the press in 1993, then appeared on the 60 minutes show that led to a TV pilot .The episode was aired in September 1996 and the show became so popular that other televisions copied the format.

“Judge Judy” has a television contract until 2020

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