Military dog stands guard to protect sleeping comrade at airport

This is the heartwarming moment, a German Shepherd is showing his absolute loyalty to his handler by guarding him while he’s sleeping. The moment unfolded in the Indianapolis airport and it was captured on camera by the pair’s comrades.

Some dogs have incredible skills, and these abilities helps them to play some crucial roles in our lives. Whether we’re talking about service or military dogs, these loyal companions put their lives on the line to protect us, and the bonds they usually share with their handlers goes beyond imagination.

A loyal military dog guarding his sleeping comrade.
The photo was taken at the Indianapolis airport!
Unknown source

Such a powerful and also touching moment is this between a dog and a soldier. It is well known that dogs are highly important in the army, especially in the US Army, due to their incredible sense of smell. But, there is also another part which consist in the bond they have with their handlers. Bonds that usually last forever, and just during their deployment.

These four-legged heroes, are incredibly loyal and protective, especially when it comes to their human comrades, and one powerful picture is more than enough to show this. Taken at the the Indianapolis airport, the now viral photo shows a dog standing over his human comrade, to protect him while he was taking a nap.

The two were part of a group of nearly a dozen soldiers and two dogs, who were resting at the airport. It is unclear if they were waiting to get deployed overseas, or they were returning home. But’s what’s crystal clear is the devotion they share to each other!

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