Miracle Cat Who Was Hit by Car and Buried, Emerged from His Grave, Now Gets Forever Home

The story of Bart, the cat in the images below, is nothing short but incredible. Just the fact that he is alive after all he is been through is the definition of a miracle.
You may remember Bart’s story from a while ago. All major sites wrote about it. The cat was just one and a half years old when he was hit by a car and buried soon after because everyone just assumed it was dead.
Just like in a movie, Bart crawled out of the ground he was buried under fighting for his chance at survival. Five days after being buried, the cat showed up at a neighbor’s yard, extremely hungry and dehydrated but alive.
Still, the cat had been seriously injured in the accident and his life hung by a thread. Bart needed to immediately undergo surgery to have any chances of survival. Still, the vets were not too optimistic in his case.
The cat had a broken jaw, open facial wounds and an injured that that unfortunately vets weren’t able to save. Against all odds, the cat managed to survive the medical intervention and made a full recovery.
Little by little, the cat started to make his road to recovery. He started eating way sooner than anyone expected and it was obvious for all who meet him that Bart was a fighter and a champion that can overcome all obstacles.
And that’s not the end of Bart’s journey. His story gained the attention of thousands of people who even made a trip to visit Bart in the hospital.
Now, Bart finally found a permanent home where he can be happy.








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