One of these toddlers is about to fall off – but keep your eye on Dad!

For the first months of a baby’s life, it seems like moms have a better connection with their children. Dads can change diapers, but moms are the ones nursing the baby and making sure all the baby’s needs are fully met. But as children start to grow, dads become more and more important in their lives.
Most kids look up to their dads and see them as their real superheroes. It’s a wonderful thing to see this beautiful interaction between fathers and their children. In all fairness, dads really are real superheroes.
It’s like your instincts sharpen and your speed of reaction increases once you become a father. You can all of the sudden know when your kid is just about to fall, or when he/she is about to do something that’s not allowed and stop it before anything actually happens.
If you’re a dad you know what I’m talking about. If not, this video will show you. These dads are winning at this whole parenting thing and surely deserve an award for all the times they’ve save their little ones from a trip to the hospital.
This is for all you dads out there: You rock!

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