Mom Leaves Walmart, Sees Person in Car Next to Her Mouth 6 Horrifying Words and She Slams the Brakes

Nobody likes to think about it for too long, but the truth is that the world we live in is a dangerous place where bad things happen all the time.
And in case anything bad happens to us or our loved ones, we can only hope that there will be people like the woman in the video below who will step up to help.
What started out as an ordinary mom for this mom in Ohio ended up with her being hailed a hero. Tia Withers had just finished doing her shopping at Walmart when she came across a situation that seemed alarming to her.
She was with her kids in the car at the Walmart parking lot when she saw a woman and a young boy standing nervously behind a car just a few feet away from them. There was something in their body language and face expression that led Tia into thinking something was wrong.
Just seconds later, the woman looked straight at Tia and whispered “Help me, we have been kidnapped.” Immediately, Tia called 911 and began giving precious details to the police officer at the other end, details that were crucial when it came to rescuing the kidnapped woman and her son.
But Tia did more than that. As the kidnapper demanded that the victims got back into the car, Tia tried to stop him from pulling out from the parking lot by halting her vehicle directly in front of the man’s car.
But because she had her kids with her, that’s all she could do. Still, Tia was determined to help the woman and her son, so she began following the man’s truck, while also describing everything that was unfolding to the police via phone.
Find out how everything ended by watching the video below:

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