Soldier Walking Through Mall with Family, Turns Around and Realizes Woman Is Filming Him

The brave men and women in the Armed Forces sacrifice so much to serve their countries and protect the ideals and dreams it stands for. They don’t like to complain about it because it’s part of doing their jobs, but the truth is that these men and women sacrifice time with their families to keep the rest of us as safe as possible.
Many of them don’t get to see their children grow up or celebrate important holidays and anniversaries alongside their family and friends. So when they do manage to come home and be reunited with their loved ones, it’s always a special celebration.
To showcase their appreciation and welcome a soldier home, the enthusiastic group of flash mob singers in the video below put together a special surprise that included them belting out the lyrics of “America the Beautiful” in the mall on Father’s Day.
The special moment was captured on video, and the best thing about it is the soldier’s reaction when he is reunited with his loved ones in the middle of the surprise. If you think our soldiers deserve all the respect and appreciation in the world for the sacrifices they make, take a second to share this with others.

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