Dogs Can’t Wait for Best Friend to Be Born – 40 Million Have Watched Them Finally Meet

When their owners bring a new baby home, some dogs are likely to be overwhelmed by all the changes and also be a bit jealous on all the attention that the tiny human is receiving. They might feel left out, especially if they’ve been the “only children” for a while. Not Brego and Nami, though.
The two loving pups have been waiting to meet their new best friend for whole nine months, and when the moment finally came to get to know the baby, they could barely contain their excitement.
What’s more, the two dogs seem to have formed a close bond with the baby named Jedi even before he was born. According to mom, the two dogs would always spend time near her belly, and her sayings are actually backed up by recent studies.
You see, dogs are highly intuitive and very much in sync with their owners, so they sense something is going on long before we decide to properly tell them, especially if it’s an event as important as a pregnancy.
That being said, if you want to see some adorable footage of Brego, Nami and Jedi’s friendship in action, make sure to check out the video below.

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