Mom Says ‘Smile Real Big.’ Their Dog’s Response Has The Internet Cracking Up

If you’ve ever had a dog, then you know just how much they actually resemble us. In fact, there have been studies that show that canines actually pick up on their human’s behavior, which would explain my dog’s inability to resist pizza.
Just like children, dogs can mimic humans’ actions when going about canine tasks. If you think that’s an overstatement, just wait until you take a look at the video below. In it, an adorable canine smiles for the camera, just like his human friend, and it’s something that will surely put a smile on your face as well.
As soon as the person behind the camera gave them the cue, the pup proved that he was ready to show off his pearly whites and showcase his million-dollar smile to create a memory that will last a lifetime.
With his mouth open and all of his teeth on display, the dog gives a huge smile that rivals the one of his human sister. It’s something you need to see to believe!
Have you ever seen a dog model for the camera like this Collie does? Definitely one of the best clips online right now!

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