She Was Lost In The Woods For 15 Hours, Unlikely Rescuer Put Family In Tears

There’s nothing worse than being a parent and not knowing where your child is, and whether he or she is still alive or not.
For fifteen excruciating hours, then man in the video below had no idea where his young daughter was. Looking back, the man says it was the worst hours in his entire life. Luckily, the story has a happy ending, and today, dad can hold his daughter Victoria in his arms knowing she is safe.
And that’s all thanks to an unlikely rescuer without which things could have ended a lot different than they did.
The nightmare began after young Victoria had wandered off by herself during a brief moment in which her parents weren’t paying full attention to her. Mom and dad realized pretty quickly that their daughter was missing and immediately alerted the authorities to start a Search and Rescue operation.
But it was the family’s dog who had followed Victoria into the woods who helped bring her back home safely. The dog stayed with her and kept her warm during the hours they spend in the cold woods.
Get all the details of this extraordinary story by watching the video below:

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