Mom Sees Her Kids Acting Strangely. Notices Doctor’s Behavior & Immediately Starts Recording

Seeing your child in a hospital room is one of the most difficult situations any parent can experience. It’s a frightening event and there’s always a high degree of uncertainty, because the reality is that you just don’t know what is going to occur next.
Whenever something like this happens, you can only hope that there’s going to be a team of medical professionals by your side that will not only take care of the medical aspect but that will also support and comfort your children.
Meeting dedicated doctors and nurses like the man in the video below is definitely a blessing. The images showing a young doctor dancing alongside a group of children in a hospital room are going viral – and it’s easy to see why.
The young doctor is definitely going well above and beyond his job description to make the kids feel as comfortable as possible and make them forget, even if it’s just for a little while, about all the problems in their lives.
The clip was recorded at Wolfson Children’s Hospital in Jacksonville, Florida, and the doctor who can be seen entertaining the kids is Dr. Chima Matthew. You need to see this!

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