Sister Sold Grandpa’s Dream Car to Junkyard. 65 Years Later, Son Gifts Him That Same Car

We all remember our first cars, right? How it felt getting behind the wheel for the first time, cruising down the street with your friends and feeling like you own the world – these are all priceless memories.
This is why when the man in the video below wanted to surprise his dad, better known on his YouTube channel as “Angry Grandpa,” he decided to try and get his dad his dream car back.
You see, when the now elderly man was only sixteen years old, he got his first car, a Chevrolet Bel Air. He loved that car, which is why he was heartbroken when his sister and her boyfriend who had taken the car to take a trip to California were forced to take the Chevy to a junkyard due to technical malfunctions.
Even now, more than sixty years after having lost his precious car, the man still talks about how great that car was. So his son decided to give him the ultimate gift and bought him a Chevrolet Bel Air from 1955, exactly like the one he used to have as a teenage boy.
The man’s reaction as he sees his surprise is the best thing ever! Check it out:

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