This epic marriage proposal will leave you in tears!

A movie theater may seem like a pretty poorly-picked venue for a wedding proposal, but just wait until you’ve taken a look at the video below to form an opinion.
The man in it took his long-term girlfriend to the movies, but she had no idea that it will be an evening she will remember for the rest of their lives. As the trailers began, the young woman still didn’t suspect anything was off, but she soon realized that the trailer was actually a part of his boyfriend’s proposal plan.
She realized that the trailer was all about the future she and her boyfriend had in front of them. It was about all the promises they’ve made along the way and all the dreams they are going to fulfil together.
In this day and age, it’s pretty hard to come up with an original proposal idea, but this man definitely pulled it off. And, by the way, she said Yes, of course! And her reaction was captured on video as well.
Men like this guy are raising the standards so much that pretty soon us guys we’ll have to propose holding firecrackers in our hands just to surprise our gals

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