Wild horse has touching reunion with soulmate after years apart

Love is certainly the greatest power on Earth, capable to reunite any being on this world, even after many years apart. Apparently, human beings are not the only one to make lifelong friends, but animals too. Recently a heartwarming reunion of two wild horse melted hearts all over the world!

The emotional moment was possible thanks to a horse sanctuary, specialized in wild horses rescue. It all started to blend together from a dramatic photo. The snap, initially shared by the American Wild Horse Campaign shows Phoenix, a majestic mustang while jumping off a catch pen. However, once he was finally free, the animal came back to look after his lifelong mate Ghost, who was still captive inside.

According to Clare Staples, CEO of Skydog Sanctuary, wild horses share incredible family bonds and they usually choose their partners for life. Impressed by that photo, Clare was determined to rescue Phoenix and to eventually reunite him with his girlfriend. But it wasn’t an easy task, though!

The Dodo/Youtube

“We tried to adopt the whole family but were denied,” Clare wrote. ” But they let us know that both Phoenix and his female companion will eventually be released back to the wild which we were happy about.” However, every time Clare went to visit Phoenix, she noticed Ghost was not there. So she assumed she got adopted.

A year after she learned about Phoenix situation, Clare found out that he and the other horses as well will no longer be released back in the wild. So she applied for Phoenix adoption straight away. “I’ve done it because I wanted to give him back the freedom he so desperately wanted the day of his capture.” She eventually succeeded, but seeing Phoenix so sad and incomplete, Clare promised she will reunite him with his girlfriend.

“I always looked for his mare and never saw her,” Clare shared with The Dodo. “We open the trail door and he ran out…I always felt like there was a little bit of loss with him…”

The Dodo/Youtube

Over two year after, she did it! “To my amazement almost two years after the roundup I spotted Ghost on the Internet Adoption and immediately bid on her to reunite her with Phoenix,” she said. The moment the two wild horses reunite each other after year apart is beautiful to behold. Take a peek:

“We are so thrilled and happy that Ghost is back with her family and that they get to live out their lives together now after all they went through,” the kind woman wrote. “All the wild horses and burros here are treated with the utmost kindness and respect and we leave in peace the ones who want to be left alone and give others the love and compassion that they have not experienced from people before.”

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