Nine cops step on stage. When the middle one starts doing THIS with his hands? INCREDIBLE!

Police officers are seen as some of the toughest and most serious men and women. Their job description requires them to have a certain attitude on the job, but that doesn’t mean they don’t also a funnier side. After all, despite the hard work they do and the things they see on the job, they are only humans who need to relax and unwind with friends and family.
Police in New Zealand has found a way to strengthen their relationships, do some work that is beneficial for their police department and unwind all at the same time. Now, you’re most likely familiar with the dance known as the Running Man. Will Smith made it famous during the time he played the main part in the Prince of Bel Air.
These police officers took advantage of how popular the dance is to recruit new members to join the police force in New Zeeland. The group of nine cops took the stage at an event that takes place in New Zeeland called the Hop Unite New Zealand National Championships.
The cops showed everybody that cops are great dancers as well, and the audience enjoyed every bit of their performance.
Take a look:

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