Cop stops woman for running red light but when he sees THIS, he has to call for backup

Typically, when someone gets pulled over by the police, it is usually bad news for the driver. However, that’s not always the case. A woman in Michigan was pulled over by police officer Nicholas Mitchell for running a red light in an intersection. However, not only did she not receive a ticket, but she actually received a wonderful gift.
After he stopped the car, the police officer got down from his vehicle and walked over to the car to ask for the license and registration of the driver. But what he saw next made him change his plans. The the woman he had pulled over was in the car with her son who was having a severe asthma attack. His mom was rushing towards the hospital, but was almost out of gas.
The officer immediately called for an ambulance, but was told that no ambulance was available at that time, so the man made a call based on his instinct. H gave the boy and his mom a ride in the police car and took them to the nearest hospital. Fortunately, the boy managed to receive the medical care he needed and is now out of any danger.

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