These office workers were minding their own business but they forgot it’s April Fool’s Day

An office environment typically involves a lot of professionalism and people who are just too busy working to have time to play pranks on one another. There are deadlines and bosses who keep giving you tasks, after tasks, after tasks. It can get pretty stressful and overwhelming. But there’s one exception to this rule, and that is April Fool’s Day.
On that day, people seem more willing to ignore the requirements of a professional setting and get creative to find the most creative ways to prank their coworkers. After all, it’s a tradition to do your best and prank the people in your life on this important day. And it’s only once a year, so it’s most likely that even the most exigent bosses will be on board when it comes to marking this important occasion.
The video below compiles some of the best pranks to ever take place in an office setting. From people jumping out of boxes to more elaborate pranks, this clip has them all. You’ll get a good laugh out of watching the video, and maybe some inspiration to help you put together an awesome prank for next year’s April Fool’s Day.

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