The Older Dog’s Reaction To The Family’s New Puppy Is PRICELESS

This is hardly news: Dogs like being the center of attention. They love being cuddled by their owners, but they don’t enjoy having to compete for this love and attention. For most dogs out there, being the only pet in the family is the only way to make sure they will continue to remain their owners’ center of the Universe.
Well, sometimes owners decide to bring another pet in the family. The irony is that it’s usually because they want their other pets to have some company and someone to play with when they are not home. Typically, pets end up being the best of friends. But it takes some time getting used to one another.
The dog in the images below was definitely not impressed when their owners introduced them to the newest member of their family: an adorable puppy that is almost too adorable to look at. As you can see in these pictures snapped by their owners just moments after the dogs first met each other, the Husky is not so thrilled about having a young sister.
We’re sure the Husky will warm up towards his sister and that they will get along perfectly, hopefully sooner rather than later.





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