Three soldiers are coming down the escalator. When the soldier on the left looks up? I was FLOORED

Soldiers and other people in the military do some extraordinary things as they put their own lives on the line to serve and protect the most important principles that make life as we know it today possible. But even though they do some extraordinary things, they are just regular people. They get hurt, they have anxieties, and they fall in love.
Just ask the man in the video below. Ben has already met the love of his life, a soldier named Robin. The woman has been serving in Afghanistan for the past six months, during which time she was apart from her family and significant other. Ben had told her that he was stationed in Texas and that he was unfortunately unable to come greet her at the airport.
But that’s just an excuse he made to conceal his plan to propose. When Robin arrived at the airport and came down the escalator, Ben was right there waiting for her. Dressed in full uniform and having Robin’s family’s blessing, the man god down on one knee and gave his girlfriend a surprise she will always remember.
Watch the emotional proposal right here!

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