A veteran walks into this diner and sits alone. Now WATCH when he’s approached by a young boy

Members of the military sacrifice so much for our protection and freedom. They not only put their own lives on the line, but they are also willing to spend a lot of time apart from their family and friends. Their kids often grow up apart from them. Also, the things they see serving in the most dangerous parts of the world can change their lives forever. Many suffer from post-traumatic stress, and their lives are never the same.
Without their sacrifice, life as we know it today would no longer be possible. This is why all of the people serving in the military right now, as well as all the veterans deserve our deep appreciation and recognition for everything they’ve done for us.
Still, many of us take their sacrifice for granted, whether we realize it or not. But that needs to change. The courage and sacrifice of our veterans cannot be overstated. The video below serves as a great reminder. So, when you see a veteran, take a second to thank them for their service. You never know just how powerful a few simple words that come from the heart can be.
Everyone should see this video!

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