Sweet lamb politely asks owner for cuddles and warms millions of hearts

Although many of you may think only puppies and kittens adore cuddling, you should know that almost all animals go crazy for petting, from a baby rhino who asked a wildlife photographer for hugs,  to a very friendly seal that enjoys belly rubs from a diver. Nonetheless, none of these so adorable moments, can actually match this extremely cute lamb who asks her owner to pet her!

YouTube/Lee Walters

In a video, that seems caught only to warm your heart, a cute tiny lamb approaches her owner and asks for cuddles. Of course, the man couldn’t resist to such cuteness and he gladly pet the little thing for a few seconds, but surprisingly (or not) the lamb asks for more. She gently touches her human with her hint leg, just like she would say ‘Excuse me, my friend, did I say stop?!’ So, the caring owner pets her again, but apparently the lamb can’t have enough of it.

YouTube/Lee Walters

Even short, the adorable footage went straight to the viewers’ heart as it has been watched for nearly 24 million times. But if you press the play button, you’ll understand why!


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“Cute lamb needs attention,” the video caption reads. “Normally they run around and play. But This one stopped and wanted me to pet him for some time…So i did.” Take a look:

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