Playful dog hides from her parents to stay outside longer

Even though we all think it’s us they love the most, there are only two things dogs absolutely adore in life, and that’s getting treats and playing outside all day long. But since our lives are busy, we just cannot get our furry friends for walks as much as they want. But even if we would, enough is never enough for these little explorers.

So as smart as they are, dogs usually come with some brilliant solutions to avoid going back inside the house. Whether they’re lying on the ground and simply refuse to leave the park, or just running off their owners, dogs always find methods to stay outside a little longer. Tasha – an adorable pup – is no different from her kind, so she came up with a highly ingenious plan so the outside visits to last as long as possible. Only her dad foiled her plan, and even filmed her silly behavior, and the result is a truly hilarious(and extremely cute as well) footage.

Facebook/Kelly Davenport Jackson

Tasha decided that hiding from her parents when they call her name, to take her inside the house, would be the best option to extend her trips outside. And what a better place to hide than the flower pot. Only with these pointy ears it is quite difficult to fool her owners. But at least she tries, right?!

Facebook/Kelly Davenport Jackson

So when Tasha’s dad, Kelly Davenport Jackson from Rossford, Ohio, calls her name, his furry kid prefers to play hide and seek rather than a straight answer. In a heartwarming footage, the man can be heard calling his dog, but there’s no sign of her though (apparently). Yet, soon as he closes the front door, the playful Tasha pops up her head from behind the flower pot, to the amusement of her parents, who can help but laugh watching her.

Facebook/Kelly Davenport Jackson

“Tasha! Tasha where are you? Tasha!” the owner can be heard, before closing the door, and making Tasha to pop up from the flower pot.

Watch the adorable video, below:

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