Police Warn: If Someone Flashes Their High-Beams at You, Drive Away Quickly – Here’s Why

Criminals never seem to run out of ideas when it comes to figuring out new ways to target their victims. And police are now warning of a new tactic that involves wrong-doers using car lights to blind people in an attempt to break into their cars.
A friends of someone who was the victim of such a criminal act also warned people about it by posting a message on Facebook, giving details about the criminals’ way of operation. The post gained thousands of shares, and soon became viral.
And while some suspected that the story detailed in the post was made up, police have come forward and said that the risks are very much real and that this is a threat every driver should be aware of. This method is used by criminals to lure drivers out of their cars so that they can make a move and steal whatever goods they can find within reach; be it wallets, purses or laptops.
To find out more about this criminal tactic and how you can protect yourself so that you don’t become a victim, pay attention to the information provided in the report below.
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