Ice Skaters Face Each Other, Stun Audience with Undeniable Chemistry in Sultry Performance

We’ve all watched those breathtaking professional ice-skating routines on TV and online, but have you ever wondered what goes into creating that perfect moment on ice when it seems like anything is possible?
A huge part of it has to do with the extensive training and practice that ice-skaters undergo before a performance. Then there is of course the skaters’ immense talent and skills that make it seem like they are merely floating on ice and that every move they make is easy when in reality it’s the complete opposite of that.
Another important factor is the music that helps bring everything together and creates the right mood. But there’s one more thing that is just as essential as everything mentioned above, and that is the way the two dancers interact on the ice.
It’s absolutely crucial for the ice skaters to have chemistry and relate well while performing dangerous moves on ice. And this is a department the ice skaters in the video below are definitely not lacking in.
The chemistry between skaters Vanessa James and Morgram Cipresis is undeniable and their sultry performance is something you’ll want to watch over and over again.

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