Train Zoom Towards Wall of Snow – The Moment They Collide Has Gone Viral with 13 Million Views

The spectacular footage you are just about to watch comes from southern Canada where massive snow falls have covered the ground with thick snow that is even more than 1-foot-tall in some parts.
And believe it or not, kids were not the only ones taking advantage of the heavy snow to build snowmen, engage in epic snowball fights and skip school because classes were suspended. One driver waiting in his car for a train to pass by managed to capture the exact moment a train carrying goods shattered the snow that was gathered on the rails, blocking its way forward.
As expected, the one-of-a-kind clip hasn’t gone unnoticed online. In fact, more than 13 million people have watched it on YouTube alone.
If you somehow haven’t watched this thrilling clip yet, make sure to watch it now, as you will definitely not be sorry. This is 100% pure action with snow and trains, so there is no way you are not going to be impressed.
Also, it’s not every day that you see Mother Nature and human technology coming face to face, and for once, witnessing the human technology win. As always, we encourage you to share as well.

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