Autistic Boy Belts Song Inside Grocery Store, Jaws Drop Upon Hearing His Unexpected Voice

The young boy in the video below is only 10-years old, but you would never be able to guess that just by listening to him sing. Calum Courtney might be young, but he has a big voice and he is not afraid to share his talent with others any chance he gets.
One such opportunity arisen while the boy and his mom were out grocery shopping. Taking advantage of the supermarket’s great acoustics, Calum started singing one of his favorites songs right there in the middle of the aisle.
Mom was there to record his performance, and then uploaded the clip to one of her social media accounts. The boy’s talent was soon noticed, and people who appreciated his voice were surprised to find out that Calum actually has a mild form Autism. But his condition is not an obstacle for the boy but something that inspires him to sing and help others this way.
What’s more, his impromptu performance also sparked the interest of important people in the music industry who acknowledged the boy’s potential and offered him a record deal.
This is one of the reasons we love social media. Take a look:

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