Pedestrian Grabs Youth Choir’s Mic — Crowd Cheers When They Realize Who He Is.

Lenny Kravitz is known around the world for his soulful voice and incredible songs. But what not a lot of people know about his is that he is also a very spontaneous spirit. He always likes to do things that people don’t necessarily expect of him, and what is going on in the video below is one of the best examples of that.
You see, Lenny Kravitz was enjoying a drink on a bar on top of a building when he happened to spot a choir of teens performing somewhere at the ground level. The choir was on a popular street in the French Quarter in New Orleans playing songs, and because they wanted more people to stop and listen to them, they thought about doing a rendition of one of Lenny’s songs.
They had no idea that the famous artist was watching them perform, so imagine their surprise when Lenny Kravitz showed up wanting to join them. In fact, you don’t have to imagine it, as the entire moment was captured on video.
The entire impromptu jam session lasted about 15 minutes, but I think it’s safe to say the memory of it will stay with those in the choir for a lot more time.

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