This puppy got a new fluffy bed and reacts in the most adorable way

You know that feeling when you get home after a long day at work and you see your comfortable bed just waiting for you to relax? There’s nothing quite like it, isn’t it? Nothing compares with that moment when you lay down and every single bone in your body starts to relax. A comfortable bed can drastically influence the quality of your life. That’s true for humans as it is for dogs.

The English bulldog in the video below received a new bed, and his reaction is going viral.
Chunk is a spoiled pup and his owner will do anything it takes to make sure her pup has the best life possible and all the comfort it deserves. So she bought him the equivalent of a king sized bed for dogs, and judging by the dog’s reaction, he definitely loved the gift.

The dog immediately started to jump on his new bed, much like we do whenever we buy a new mattress, and see if it as comfortable as it looks. The 4-mounth-old dog will definitely spend a lot more time in his bed as opposed to his owner’s bed now, that’s for sure.

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