Hidden camera reveals what the mail man did to a ‘dangerous’ dog and it’s going VIRAL

Whether we like to believe it or not, we base a lot of our judgments on appearances and other misconceptions that might be popular when it comes to a certain subject or even persons. And it’s not just people who suffer from that.
Many animals have somehow gotten a bad reputation. Let’s take Pit Bulls or other large dog for example. These dogs are often seen as violent or unapproachable dogs. But more often than not, that’s just how they are perceived, not how they really are.
It’s the case of the dog in the video below. According to his owner who shared the video on His Facebook account, his 9-month-old pup is often seen as a dangerous dog by strangers who pass by their house. But fortunately not all people are like that.
A mailman was caught on video petting and hugging the dog, and the images are going viral. Even though the man had a busy day ahead of him, he took the time to show the dog some love. The dog’s owner thanked him for paying attention to his dog and encouraged him to keep doing the same whenever he stops by their house.

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