They didn’t believe her horse ‘plays with toys.’ When she showed them this video? WHOA NELLY!

We all had our favorite toys growing up. You know, that toy you wouldn’t go anywhere without and the one you used to sleep with every night. Well, as it turns out, some animals also enjoy playing and even have their favorite toys.
In the case of Buster, the adorable horse in the video below, it’s a ball. Now, you may think it’s some kind of a joke, but I assure you that you have all reasons to believe these images are true.
In all fairness, there are several other animals that like playing with a ball, especially dogs, but I’ve never seen a horse act playful, much less play with a ball.
According to Buster’s owners, the horse can sometimes act a little selfish and doesn’t quite enjoy sharing his favorite toy with others. He would much rather keep it all to himself and play with it all day long. Still, Buster has such a great personality that nobody can stay mad at him for too long.
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