Gwen Stefani finds a young fan being bullied. When she pulls him on stage? WOW!

Gwen Stefani has been in the business for more than 20 years, and she is still one of the most talented and successful artists today. We knew that already. What a lot of people don’t know about her is that she also has a great heart. She doesn’t like people being mistreated, especially if we’re talking about kids.
Being a mom, Stefani how hard it can be fort kids to feel comfortable and act like themselves in social situations. There’s no sense in hiding around the bush: kids can be mean sometimes. Bullies are in every school, and unfortunately few kids find the power in themselves to stand up for themselves against the bullies.
During one of her concerts, Stefani noticed a sign one of the fans in the audience was holding. The sign read something about a boy being bullied for several years. Stefani’s music was what had helped the kid overcome those difficult years.
As soon as the singer read that, she wanted to meet the boy in person so she asked him to step up on the stage next to her. What followed is that boy’s dream come true. Check it out!

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