Believe Me When I Say That You’ve Never Seen Anything Like This… LOL!

The Internet is full of hilarious videos in which cockatoos are the main attraction, but this awesome video compiles the best ones!
Cockatoos definitely seem like they were made to star in funny clips. They have a bubbly personality, and their ability to mimic human speech tends to lead to hilarious results. They are loud and noisy, and seem to have no respect for quiet hours or for the neighbors’ desire to sleep during the afternoon.
Cockatoos are smart, curious and funny, which makes them great pets. There definitely won’t be a dull moment when there’s a cockatoo around to entertain everybody. Also, they live for a really long time, about 50 or 60 years, so you’ll need to make sure you can take care of a pet for a long time if you want to adopt a cockatoo.
Another thing you should know about cockatoos is that they easily get bored. When they get tired of singing or playing with their toys, you can expect them to start breaking things.
All in all, life with a cockatoo is an adventure. You can expect a lot of funny things to happen down the road, things like those shown in the video you’re just about to watch.

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