These Brothers Put a Farm-Boy Twist on the ’Nae Nae’ and Other Huge Hits

Greg, Nathan and Kendal Peterson of Assaria, Kansas are not your typical farmers. They like to add a funny twist to everything they do, and that included working the fields. Now, you may think there’s nothing funny about taking care of crops and harvesting. In fact, many people find the whole subject to be quite boring.
But these guys prove that anything can be fun as long as you have the right attitude and a good sense of humor. The boys have become famous by putting a farm-boy spin to some of the famous songs today. Their repertoire includes songs like Watch Me (Nae Nae), Hit the Quan and Uptown Funk.
The guys even shot their own version of a music video, and the result is going viral. In the clip, the young men can be seen rapping about life at the farm and all the work they do there to educate people about agriculture. The clips they’ve released so far are both entertaining and informative. You’ll most likely find out things about living at the farm that you sure didn’t know.
These guys actually make living at the farm seem like a lot of fun! Go figure…

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