Formerly Blind Pit Bull Now Has Eyesight, Forever Home

The video below shares the incredible story of Marco. Marco is a beautiful Pit Bull that has been through a whole lot and that had to overcome many challenges in his life.
A few years back, Marco was found by Georgia Obenaus, CEO and founder of Go Rescue Pet Adoption Center in Virginia Beach. That was the day that changed Marco’s life forever. Judging by the terrible condition Marco was in when he was rescued, it was pretty obvious that the dog had been severely neglected and probably abused multiple times.
The dog was very afraid to be around humans, which made rescuers believe that Marco had previously lived with an abusive owner who probably just abandoned him one day. The dog was also blind, so those at the animal shelter were afraid that no one will want to adopt him.
To increase his chances of adoption, Go Rescue Pet Adoption Center started a campaign to raise the money needed to pay for the dog’s eye surgery. With the help of the community and other kindhearted people, Marco regained his eyesight.
But you won’t believe what happened next! Watch the video below and find out.

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