Dance Coach Has Her Back Facing The Team. But Keep Your Eye On The Center Of The Screen. WHOA!

With all the marriage proposal videos going viral nowadays, guys definitely feel a lot more pressure to step up their game and come up with a marriage proposal idea that is going to blow away their significant others.
The best marriage proposal ideas are the ones that incorporate some of the interest of the person getting proposed. All women deserve a unique proposal to fit their interest! Alan, the man in the video below, decided to propose to his girlfriend in a place where she typically spends a lot of time: a high school gymnasium.
His girlfriend has always had a passion for dance and even started a dance team when she was in high school. The two went to the same high school, but they only got together years after they both graduated.
The high school gymnasium seemed like the perfect location for him to finally pop the big question. The man planned a flash mob proposal that left his girlfriend speechless. He got some of the most important people in their lives to take part in the proposal, and the result is every woman’s dream come true.
Take a look:

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