Bird freaks out about going in cage. What she says will make you blush

Few people actually know that birds have big personalities. They love to be the center of attention, but the bird in the video below takes things to a whole new level.
When her owner tells her that it’s time for her to go back into the cage, the bird makes it pretty clear that she has no intention of following her owner’s instructions. Instead, she begins marching back and forth over her cage while ranting. The bird’s language is definitely not one that would be considered safe for work. Her salty words would shock all parents and make them cover their children’s ears.
Pebbles lived in about 10 homes across a span of 20 years until she ended up in the care of the people at Canada’s Saskatoon Parrot Rescue. There’s no way of knowing where the parrot learned the bad words. Those at the rescue shelter said the bird came with it. Somewhere along the line, she heard this type of language and just got stuck in her brain.
Pebble’s feisty rant is hilarious! Just make sure there aren’t any kids around when you hit play.

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